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Seafood & Fishmeal

Our company’s main concern is to ensure permanent delivery programs of high quality certified products in order to gain Chinese buyers confidence.

On the other hand, Chilean producers can be sure that the Chinese selected buyers (traders, processors, distributors) will be good enough to develop long lasting business relationships.

AraucoTrade works with the main Chilean producers from the southern part of the country. All of them have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ASHAS 18001-1999, Kosher, IFS SIG or GMP certifications.

The coordination process is the key word for efficient supply:
  1. Our southern office at Puerto Montt certifies goods quality and coordinates on schedule shipments.
  2. Our head quarters in Santiago work with several Logistic and Customs offices to hurry up the shipping process and send the related documentation to our Guangzhou liaison office.
  3. Our office in Guangzhou China, receives the shipping and customs documents in order to make fast customs clearance at destiny port and work with the Chinese buyer to accept the shipment, accordingly with the negotiated terms. Afterwards validates the Letter of Credit or other payment condition that could have been agreed.

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