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About Us

Commercial Scope On International Business

The “bigger” or the “market leader” Chinese provider, furthermore, the “cheapest” provider, not necessarily will best fit your business requirements.

Therefore AraucoTrade offers:

Taking care of Spanish-speaking companies interests in the Chinese market with a whole staff of Spanish and Chinese native speakers specialized in foreign trade.

Full commitment and coordination in every shipping from China


  • Reducing time in finding the right suppliers
  • Direct access to Chinese manufacturers (not resellers)
  • Better prices being negotiated by specialized staff (in Chinese language)
  • Reduced risks in poor quality goods among shipping and ensure schedule on time for shipment.
  • Better communications with Chinese suppliers
  • Partial payments to Chinese providers according to production stages.
  • Latest information on product development presented in Chinese exhibition centers. This information is based in each registered client interest’s.

We focus our resources in locating the right Chinese customers and/or distributors for the Latin American goods for all the companies that want to expand their commercial frontiers in a long-term basis.


  • Take care that both ends of the business follow the rules of “Incoterms” with no exception.
  • Look after the exported goods and make sure that they are well received in the Chinese market with the corresponding documentation and paper work.
  • Reduce time in paper work at local customs working beside selected customs and forwarding agents.
  • Coordinate quick payment with local banks after shipment acceptance according with seller conditions and standards.
  • We suggest the best way to deal with bank paper work and payment. In this way commissions can be substantially lower than the ones in letter of credit (LC).
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