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About Us


In 2003 we created this company to distribute foreign products in the Chilean market. International trade has many complex and difficult aspects that do not begin with the import process but with the provider election in the overseas market. The “biggest provider”, the ”market leader provider” does not necessarily become the right provider for your business.

After learning how to import and distribute an enormous amount of different products from different international markets, we realize that the “best provider” is finally the one that fulfills your requirements in terms of quality, price and time respond.

Finally when we were able to visit our providers in the overseas market we were able to see what kind of partners did we have to work with. Being in China helps to understand the way all these companies work and the kind of agreement you are able to get in a long-term basis. This was the key for success in our relations with Chinese providers.

Therefore, get to know your provider in person or having an agent in the overseas market that can take care of all the common situations and difficulties of the Chinese market, is crucial for success and business grow.

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